If you are like me, I use my credit and debit cards every day with little thought that criminals and organized crime groups are actively trying to steal my card information so they can run up fraudulent charges, create counterfeit credit cards, withdraw cash from ATM or sell my information to other criminals and crime groups located all around the world.

Credit Fraud Protection

These are highly sophisticated fraud rings led by really smart people who leverage advanced technology to access credit and debit card information on a massive scale..

Target informed that it had been hit by a major data breach involving potentially over 100 million customers. This particular data breach involved the potential theft of names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses along with payment card data of Target’s store and online shoppers from around the United States.  Neiman Marcus is still investigating and has yet to disclose how many consumers may be affected by the potential theft of credit card and personal information from a December 2013 cyber-attack.

To protect yourself you need to be proactiveby watching for fraudulent charges and identity theft.Here is what I do:

  1. I view each of my accounts daily to check for mysterious and fraudulent transactions that have been posted.If I find suspicious activity I notify my card issuer immediately.
  2. For identity theft I use a daily monitoring service. This way I am alerted if someone unknown to me checks my credit, applies for credit using my name or has already stolen my identity. I have been fortunate that to date my identity has been safe. As a bonus with this service you also get all three credit scores and all three credit reports.

For my credit monitoring and fraud protection I use a service called Identity IQ.  I have all of my credit repair clients subscribe using this special link for wholesale pricing of $19.99 per month.  For proper identity protection it is imperative that you monitor all three of your credit reports.

Remember to be proactive.  Take these easy preemptive steps that can save you time, energy and preserve your good credit.

You can also find a link to Identity IQ at my website www.RLKramer.com

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