Are you paying too much? 19.99%, 25.99% or 35.99%?? Stop giving your money away to the Big Banks!

First, know your credit. Do you have good credit, very good credit or excellent credit? Those of you who have been enrolled in are mostly in the very good or excellent credit range now and can get those high interest rate cards reduced.

With good or better credit you will likely qualify for interest rates of 10.9% to 13.9% and limited time 0% purchase and transfer offers.  On a $2000.00 balance this can save you up to $850.00 a year in finance charges.  That’s a lot of money to be giving away every year, so here is what you can do:

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If you have been making on-time and agreed-upon payments for at least six months on your account, contact the card issuer by phone and request a lower interest rate. Always be polite and courteous. If you have offers from other card issuers at lower rates, be sure to mention that when you call. This gives you the leverage to say you may have to take your business elsewhere if your rate cannot be lowered. Don’t give up if your card issuer says no. Call back another day — you may reach a different customer service representative who is willing to help.

Another strategy is to get a new credit card with a 0% balance transfer offer from a different card issuer. You can search for your new card at: CardMatch. Next, transfer your balance to the new card. Then go back to your original issuer and ask for a lower rate. This will increase your chances since the balance is now zero and a lower interest will not cut into their revenues.

No matter what, high balances have a negative effect on your credit scores, so remember to keep your balances low or at zero.

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