It is no secret that high credit scores come with a number of benefits. Banks are ready to loan you at low interest rates, you can borrow more, you can become eligible for many financial benefits—such as cash back rewards—and insurance companies are usually ready to give you more coverage for lower fees. All in all, there are some awesome things excellent credit can do for you. Let’s read about four of them one at a time.

You Don’t Pay Ridiculous Amounts of Interest on Loans
Banks charge you a lower rate of interest if your credit score is high. Excellent credit tells financial institutions that you are fiscally responsible and lenders become more willing to loan you at a lower rate of interest.
Let’s assume that you and your neighbor make the same amount of money, live in the same neighborhood and have similar education but differ only in your credit score. That three-digit number alone will make banks treat you and your neighbor differently. Assuming that his credit score is lower than yours, when you apply for new credit you can expect interest rates for your neighbor to be 2 to 5 times higher than the rate you pay!

You can Borrow More and Keep Your Utilization in Check
A high credit scores gives you more purchasing power because banks will be more willing to lend you larger amounts of money. It helps you in more than one ways. You can buy expensive stuff—cars or jewelry—more easily. You can also increase your credit limit sto keep your credit scores high.
Let’s say that your total credit limit of all of your lines is $50,000 and you have spent $20,000 of it. With that figure, you have already utilized 40% of your total available credit. But FICO recommends people to stop at 30%. Will you let your high credit score slide down because of one big purchase? Or, will you increase your total available credit to $60,000, bring utilization to under one-third of the limit and keep your credit scores high? Of course, you will do the latter.

You Can Receive More Rewards
There are many cards that offer you hundreds of dollars in cash backs. But you can get approved for such cards only if you have a high credit score. If you need help on keeping excellent credit, speak to me directly at 406-730-7989.

You Pay Less on Insurance
Excellent credit convinces many insurance companies of your character, when it comes to finance. Low scores indicate that you will more likely file a claim. This makes buying insurance more expensive. It happens the other way, too. A high credit score can save you hundreds of dollars on insurance each year because insurance companies know that people with higher credit scores are not as likely to file a claim.
Excellent credit has many benefits. In this blog I have listed four of them. You can contact me if you want to know other ways in which a high credit score can help you.

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