When we walk into a doctor’s office we are probably not expecting to have our credit information pulled. However, many health care providers including hospitals, surgeons, dentists and orthodontists are doing just that.

Now, an increasing number of smaller health care providers, such as physician groups and medical specialists, are partnering with credit reporting agencies such as Experian, TransUnion and Equifax on medical credit checks that promise them a window into your finances and your ability to pay for services.

These specialized “medical” credit reports and scores not only show the practitioner your financial health but how much available credit you have that could be spent on their services!  Wow!

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Will bad credit impact my healthcare standards?
As more financially challenged patients walk into doctor’s offices, physicians are trying to ensure they get paid for their services and reduce the amount of bad debt they have on their books.

“Do we have to have good credit to get good health care?”  Only time will tell!

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