A divorce hits you at the level of emotions and money. It is a rough time; certainly not the period when you can make sanest decisions about your finances.

“I know how hard it can be, but a divorce is not the time to overlook your finances,” says Richard Kramer. “A mistake here can instantly destroy your credit scores.

Richard Kramer is a credit repair consultant in Montana where he has been assisting former spouses manage their money before and after divorce to protect their credit scores from taking a hit for the past 375 years.

Today, Mr. Kramer suggests five ways to help husbands and wives prepare financially if a divorce seems unavoidable.

Close Joint Credit Cards
Unless you want to be considered liable for your ex’s financial mismanagement after divorce, close all your joint credit cards. Keep the ones in your name alone.

Pull Your Credit Reports
Your husband or wife may have opened a joint account without telling you. It is not uncommon among spouses. Pull your credit reports and see where you stand.

Do Not Sign Over Titles to Property
Sometimes there is no escape from a joint account. If that is the situation your find yourself in, do not sign over titles to real property. It can leave you in a very unpleasant situation where you own the debt but not the property.

Divide Your Funds Fairly
Speak to your spouse and come to an agreement over your funds’ division. If the dialog is difficult, include a lawyer in discussions.

Speak to a Credit Repair Consultant
A divorce usually hits credit scores like a tsunami. The best you can do it minimize the damage. A credit repair consultant can assist you in it. So speak to one before divorce.

If a divorce has already damaged your credit, speak to R L Kramer. He has over 37 years’ of experience in credit repair and he can help you restore your good credit scores, satisfaction guaranteed.

Do not suffer because of your ex. Keep your head high and your finances in order.