Why I believe my credit restoration service is the best in the industry:

First off, my dispute methodology is dramatically different than other credit repair organizations. I can achieve more positive results nearly twice as fast as other credit repair organizations and here is why:

• While others send out generic computer generated dispute letters every thirty-five to forty days I personally create unique dispute letters for each client that is sent to your creditors and the credit bureaus based on their responses to my previous letters. While in most cases the bureaus and creditors have thirty days to respond, but the responses are usually received in ten to twenty days. Once a response that does not reflect a repair or deletions received I immediately send out the next unique letter. I don’t wait for all the letters to come into work on your file, I handle each response as they are received.My method never uses a 35 to 40 day dispute cycle! Disputes go out as fast as the responses come in! My goal is to always provide you with the quickest results possible.

• Unlike those big credit repair law firms and companies where you never talk to the same person twice, my clients receive the direct phone number to my office! Office hours are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7am to 6pm MST and Thursday & Friday 7am to 4pm MST.You will reach me or my very knowledgeable assistant Danielle.

• In-house Corporate Counsel is available to assist in the dispute process when the credit bureaus, creditors, and/or collectors violate your rights under federal statutes.This service is extremely valuable when necessary.

• Each client receives a personal, one-on-one, private coaching session with me on advanced credit and high performance strategies designed to increase your credit scores and help you maintain a balanced financial lifestyle. Not only do I teach you how to maintain great credit but I provide you with action plans that can save you thousands of dollars annually!

• My 120 Day Money Back Guarantee. I don’t like refund policies, warranties, or even guarantees with a “catch.” You judge the results of my service and decide for yourself if it’s worth every penny you paid. If not, I’ll give you a 100% refund of all of your monthly service fees. No one in my business can predict a specific outcome. But I can promise to do everything possible to maximize the probability of outstanding results. My simple and clear guarantee is my way of standing behind the work that I do. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just tell me why and I will give you a 100% refund of all of your monthly service fees paid.

I offer you my 35 years of experience and a completely focused approach to credit repair. I know what works, and I am dedicated to doing my job in a professional and pro-active manner. I will work hard to deliver you a great experience.