Richard Kramer is a highly experienced credit repair professional who specializes in fast and easy credit repair in Pittsburgh. He has been working in the credit repair industry for the past 37 years and knows the ins and outs of establishing good credit with the major credit bureaus. Richard lets his clients judge the results of his service. Anyone who feels Richard’s services aren’t worth every penny paid gets a 100% refund of all of their monthly service fees. Give Richard a call at (412) 329-4203 to get good credit fast.

Richard’s 120 Day Money Back Guarantee
I don’t like refund policies, warranties, or even guarantees with a “catch.” You judge the results of my service and decide for yourself if it’s worth every penny you paid. If not, I’ll give you a 100% refund of all of your monthly service fees.


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About Richard Kramer
Credit Repair Professional

Richard Kramer is “one of the top credit consultants and personal financial trainers in the US.” (Richard Umanoff, CPA). His passion, research, results, and willingness to be accessible to his clients have helped countless people repair and improve their credit scores and maintain a healthy financial lifestyle for nearly 35 years.

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