It’s fascinating that there is an association between the make of car you drive and your credit score. It’s also interesting to note that the car manufacturers with the fewest buyers (Mitsubishi and Suzuki) tend to have buyers with the worst credit scores.

What’s the actual breakdown of credit score’s to cars?

Here is a list of average Experian credit scores for auto buyerscorresponding with the various car manufactures:

  •  Mitsubishi Buyers: 694
  •  Suzuki Buyers: 704
  •  Dodge Buyers: 718
  •  Kia Buyers: 721
  •  Toyota Buyers: 723
  •  Jaguar Buyers: 810
  •  Infiniti Buyers: 810
  •  Audi Buyers: 810
  •  Porsche Buyers: 810
  •  Acura Buyers: 813
  •  Lexus Buyers: 816
  •  Volvo Buyers: 818

Most of us would rather drive a new Lexus or Volvo than a Mitsubishi. And if the above list is any indication, most of us would probably rather do business with a Lexus owner than a Mitsubishi owner.

Regardless of the car you drive, the assumptions that are made based on your credit rating can make or break you–both personally and in business. What does your credit score say about you? Sometimes a lot more than you think.